Not long after the March 11, 2011 earth quark in Japan, there were nuclear power plant reactor explosions in Fukashima that caused leakage of radioactive materials. This impact is far more severe than that of the earth quark. For this reason, I have written a preliminary proposal about the treatment of the water contains radioactive materials and submitted to the Consulate of Japan in Hong Kong; I hope someone in the disaster zone may find it useful.


However, I have to declare that I have never working with any wastewater with radiations before. The method is based on the hypothesis of the radioactive materials in the wastewater that  have similar ionic properties as those in electroplating line wastewater. And, the source of information of the nuclear plant disaster was from the local news. I hope, the method proposed here will minimize the impact of the radioactive materials to the environment but without guarantee.


If you find the proposal useful, then feel free to use it; in case you have any questions and would like to ask please feel free to email me, I will try to answer your queries.   I would also like to take some space here to  express my sincere appreciation to a lady, Ms. Kaori, in Tokyo who tried to translate the proposal to Japanese. 


Last, I wish those who suffer from this triple disaster can return home very soon.


Here are some updated news about the Fukashima plant:


Oct 4, 2011 Fukashima Decontamination

Oct 5, 2011 Japan No-Go Zone


Here are the proposals:


Preliminary Proposal in English  (PDF 42.7  kb)

Preliminary Proposal in Chinese  (PDF 127.2  kb)

Schematic Flow Diagram of Water Treatment ( PDF  22.7 kb)

Schematic Flow Diagram of Air Treatment ( PDF  19.6 kb)


Here is the zeolite we used before, the country of origin is Australia

 zeolite 1








First upload: Oct 10, 2011
Last Update: Jan 17, 2012


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