Photo Gallery/ Job References

The following photos were taken from our works in the past:

Ion-Exchange System

 These two systems used ion-exchange method to adsorb heavy metal ions from the waste streams of electroplating production lines, the waste streams contained copper ions (Cu2+), nickel ions (Ni2+) and dichromate ions  (Cr2O7-) at concentration of about 10-20 ppm :


Ion-Exchange System 1

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These two systems are chlorinators which use DC current to electrolysis salt water (NaClaq) to form bleach or called sodium hypochloride (NaOCl) (a strong oxidizing agent) as a disinfectant :

                                         Cl- + H2O  + e- ---- › OCl- aq



Chlorinator 1


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Sequencing Batch Reaction System (SBR)

This system use microorganisms to treat the oily wastewater from the grease traps. The wastewater passes through a "Dissolved Air Flotation" (DAF) System first (not shown here) to remove large amount of floating oil and then stored in the feed tank of this SBR system.



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Ultra Filtration

Ultra filtration (UF) is world wide trend used in water and wastewater treatment in recent years, the advantages are obvious:


 This system is a pilot scale UF system set up in a municipal wastewater treatment plant

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