The photocatalystic oxidizer can be use to oxidize VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)  in ambient temperature and destroy air-bone bacteria and virus. It is most suitable for (partial-) close loop air circulation and can be applied in:


1) a factory production line where VOC is one of the “by-products”;


2) use in clinics, hospitals and clean rooms where there is a potential large amount of air-bone bacteria and virus;


3)  a garage where ventilation is not very good; the flue gas from cars and lorries can be hazard;



4)  installed with the air conduits which can reduce the risk of “sick building syndromes”;


5)  a place requires high standard public hygiene, e.g. hotels, fitness centers or beauty salon where a lot of people coming in and out;


6)  a place requires odor control; e.g. rubbish collection stations;


7) any indoor rooms where high standard of air is required e.g. food processing factories;


8) a farm house, some animals generate a lot of methane gas (CH4) in their digestion systems which is a green house gas;


Do you know most VOC gases have more green house effect than carbon dioxide? In other words, with same number of carbon in the molecule, VOC gases trap more heat than that of carbon dioxide. Therefore, oxidizing the VOC gases is a way of reducing the risk of global warming.


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