Unique Features


There are some unique features with our newly designed photocatalytic oxidizer:


- the reactor of the PCO filled with approximately 20,000 units of photocatalyst coated plastic polyhedral hollow balls (PHB).

- the diameter of each PHB is 25 mm and has a surface area of 50cm2 that adds up to approximately 100 m2 reaction area in a volume of 0.42m3.


- the PHB are make of polypropylene so that they can stack up to make a 1 m deep reaction bed.


- a novel sol-gel method is used to anchor the photocatalyst on the plastic surface.



- our PCO truly utilizes the power of photocatalyst, the amazing gift from the nature.


- the pre-filter and HEPA filter are for the removal of particulars from  the air.


- the inlet and outlet of all PCO will be mounted with flange adapters for conduit installation.


- the bore size of pre-filter is 100 micron


- the bore size of HEPA filter is 10 micron


- unlike the thermo-catalytic oxidizers, the outlet air temperature of PCO only elevated slightly so that it can be placed in an air conditioned working environment  without wasting energy.





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