PT-100 Specifications

The specifications of the photocatalystic oxidizer, PT-100, is as follow, some parameters may change without prior notice:


Dimension:                                                           750 X 750 X 2,000 mm (h)

Power:                                                                   220V AC

Blower Power:                                                      to be informed

Maximum Air Flow Rate:                                      2,500 m3/h w/ speed adjustment

UV light :                                                               12 X 20W


POC Reactor Dimension:                                     650 X 650 X 1,000 mm

Filtration Area coated with TiO2:                        Approx. 100 m2

 Material of the Body:                                           Iron

Net Weight of the Unit:                                         <80 kg

Other Features (consumables):                           A Pre-Filter, a HEPA Filter and an Activated Carbon Filter generico en farmacia, Verona

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