Harmony Technology developed  an industrial scale air treatment system:  “PT-100”


PT-100, The Photocatalystic Oxidizer 


A Heavy Duty Industrial Scale Photocatalytic Oxidizer (PCO),  its maximum air flow capacity is 2,500m3/h (w/o loading). The bulk surface area that contains nano TiO2 is about 100m2. Our aim of developing this product is to provide a high flow rate,low cost and high efficiency solution to combat the pollutions.

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Schematic Flowchart

Air is sucked from the lower part of the PCO which passes a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, the PCO reactor and a carbon filter; cleaned air is released from the top of the unit.

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The photocatalystic oxidizer can be use to oxidize VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)  in ambient temperature and destroy air-bone bacteria and virus. It is most suitable for (partial-) close loop air circulation and can be applied in:


1) a factory production line where VOC is one of the “by-products”;


2) use in clinics, hospitals and clean rooms where there is a potential large amount of air-bone bacteria and virus;


3)  a garage where ventilation is not very good; the flue gas from cars and lorries can be hazard;


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PT-100 Specifications

The specifications of the photocatalystic oxidizer, PT-100, is as follow, some parameters may change without prior notice:


Dimension:                                                           750 X 750 X 2,000 mm (h)

Power:                                                                   220V AC

Blower Power:                                                      to be informed

Maximum Air Flow Rate:                                      2,500 m3/h w/ speed adjustment

UV light :                                                               12 X 20W

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The efficiency of the system will depend on the air flow rate, concentration of the VOC ...etc. and many other parameters.

There have been a lot of research about the decomposition of organic compounds by photocatalyst. However, the decay properties of different organic compounds are different.  You may download some research papers from this website to study the details.

One way to improve the efficiency is in the suction end; better conduit design can improve the indoor air quality significantly.

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