Testing of Photocatalyst Efficiency



Diagram Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylene_blue


A common method to measure the efficiency of any photocatalystic products in water treatment is by determining the TOC (Total Oxidizable Carbon) values of the samples before and after the product exposed to the light source over a period of time.


However, the analytical method of measuring the TOC of water sample is very costly and complicated. SITPA (Society of Industrial Technology for Photocatalytic Articles) of Japan has proposed a method (only Japanese version is available) to test any products that have photocatalytic effects.


The method is by measuring the de-colouring ability of any photocatalystic products, e.g. measure the time required for PHB to decolorising the standard   methylene blue solutions under a stable supply of light source.


When setting up a testing procedure or a real application, the following constrains must be take into consideration:

- Linear velocity of the flow
      the contact time with photocatalyst

- Volumetric flow rate
     ratio of fluid volume to surface area of the photocatalyst

- Concentration of the pollutants
      ratio of pollutants to photocatalyst

- Type of pollutants
      different types of pollutants have different decay properties

- Suspended Solid (SS)
     SS may deposit on the surface of the catalyst which blocks the sunlight and lower the efficiency

- Sunlight availability
      duration and intensity in different season of a year*

- Turbidity of water
       the intensity of light or light penetration, depth of water*



The following organizations also provide some interesting information:

Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan

EPG, Engineered nanoProduct Germany, AG




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