An Idea of Healing

Since the "wound" of the ozone hole is so high above (more than 3,000 meter above the ground), the area of the hole is so large and the concentration of the CFC is very dilute; anything we do must be cost effective and inexpensive.


Our idea is to send a solar power unmanned aircraft to the sky from New Zealand; the aircraft will carry a tank of a mixture of TiO2 and Ca(OH)2 and spray the mixture in the destination area.


Hopefully, the TiO2 particles increase the rate of CFC decomposition and the calcium hydroxide is able to combine with the halogen to form calcium halogen (e.g. CaF, CaCl) and settling down on earth.



Article 1: 2011-10-ozone-depletion-bigger.pdf

Article 2: 2011-10-significant-ozone-hole-antarctica.pdf

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