Ozone Protection


             The Ozone Hole 






The Ozone "Hole" in Southern Hemisphere (2011)

Source: Physorg.com/ NASA

Why do we have to protect the ozone layer?

Atmospheric ozone layer has a very important role in protecting the living organisms on earth, it filters out the hazardous UV radiation (UV-C) from the sun. Without ozone in the upper atmosphere living organism can easily get sun burns, mammals get cataract and other numerous potential health risks, perhaps develop skin cancer in later stage.

What causes the ozone hole?


Ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere is due to the man-made chemical, chlorofluorocarbons, CFC (a class of chloro-, fluoro- organic chemical e.g. Cl3FC), which was widely used in the refrigerators and aerosols. The CFC splits to halogens in the upper atmosphere and the halogens derivatives block the ozone formation; as a result, the concentration of the ozone becomes so thin that it no longer be able to stop the UV passes through the atmosphere.


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