Impact of Social Class Differences in Education

The ability of someone to succeed in life is always dependent on the capability and skills he has. motivated he is also playing a role in determining whether he will succeed or not. This is also applicable to education. It is difficult for anybody to succeed in their education if they are not motivated enough. However, other factors can affect the education of a child. Sociologists believe that social class is another important factor that determines the performance of a child in school. The academic performance of a child can be explained based on the class culture and the educational resources that a child get. Obviously, children from low social classes are unable to afford high-quality materials and resources that can be used for purposes of improving their academic performance. In this article, we are going to talk about how social class differences have an impact on the kind of education that a child can have access to. While explaining the role of social class in the education process of a child, there is a need of considering how material deprivation affects education. Note that, material deprivation involves a situation where a child is unable to afford some of the basic materials to use in education. This includes books, computers, or access to other education services that can help him to improve his academic performances. Here are some of the materials factors that can affect the capability of a child to perform well in school: • Housing conditions. Children from low social class are unable to have access to high-quality housing conditions. This would mean that they do not have enough space to study at home. This may result in their inability to finish their home assignments. Moreover, they may be unable to read and study at home, hence, limiting their capability to perform well in school. • Poor diet. It is a known fact that a good diet has the capability of improving the cognitive development of a child. Moreover, a poor diet will do exactly the opposite. Children from low social class may not have access to a high-quality diet that may improve their cognitive development. • Difficulty in affording a higher education. Research indicates that people from a low social class are always vulnerable to dropping from school. Most of them are unable to finish high school or to continue for higher education because they may be unable to afford college fees associated or to pay other costs associated with going to school. • Part-time jobs. Students from poor background are likely to take part time jobs. This means less time for studies, which will ultimately affect the quality of their performances. Finally, poverty has the capability of negatively affecting the quality of education a child gets. Research indicates that students from more affluent backgrounds normally perform well in school, and they are likely to attain higher education. This is because rates of dropping out of school are low.

Ozone Protection


             The Ozone Hole 






The Ozone "Hole" in Southern Hemisphere (2011)

Source: NASA

Why do we have to protect the ozone layer?

Atmospheric ozone layer has a very important role in protecting the living organisms on earth, it filters out the hazardous UV radiation (UV-C) from the sun. Without ozone in the upper atmosphere living organism can easily get sun burns, mammals get cataract and other numerous potential health risks, perhaps develop skin cancer in later stage.

What causes the ozone hole?


Ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere is due to the man-made chemical, chlorofluorocarbons, CFC (a class of chloro-, fluoro- organic chemical e.g. Cl3FC), which was widely used in the refrigerators and aerosols. The CFC splits to halogens in the upper atmosphere and the halogens derivatives block the ozone formation; as a result, the concentration of the ozone becomes so thin that it no longer be able to stop the UV passes through the atmosphere.


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The Ozone Hole


The concentration of ozone (O3) in the upper atmosphere has been depleting since 1980's; some of the UV can reach the surface of the earth and cause damages of health to human and animals. The articles attached below state the current status (2011) of the ozone layer. Although, the ozone "hole" is healing up by itself, it is so huge (10.05 million square mile, compare to the area of USA, approx. 3.79 million square miles or 9.83 million km2) and the rate of decay of the CFC is so slow (half life of some of the CFC are approximately from few years to over one hundred years) that there is nothing we can do but wait? If we choose to wait, the duration could take more than a century, can we do something to speed it up?


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An Idea of Healing

Since the "wound" of the ozone hole is so high above (more than 3,000 meter above the ground), the area of the hole is so large and the concentration of the CFC is very dilute; anything we do must be cost effective and inexpensive.


Our idea is to send a solar power unmanned aircraft to the sky from New Zealand; the aircraft will carry a tank of a mixture of TiO2 and Ca(OH)2 and spray the mixture in the destination area.


Hopefully, the TiO2 particles increase the rate of CFC decomposition and the calcium hydroxide is able to combine with the halogen to form calcium halogen (e.g. CaF, CaCl) and settling down on earth.



Article 1: 2011-10-ozone-depletion-bigger.pdf

Article 2: 2011-10-significant-ozone-hole-antarctica.pdf

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