Technology advancement let us have a lot of conveniences but it also brings us some troubles; man made pollution is one of them. It is a very urgent matter that we have to deal with today. Any anti-pollution actions will increase the cost of the manufacturers or governments; people would rather put the cost to others, it ends up everybody suffers. These externalities can only be corrected by legislations and educations; however, we do believe that there are someone who are considerate of the future of the earth.  


"Global Warming" is one of the most familiar terms that appears in everywhere in recent years; in fact, it is an immediate threat to this generation of us. Recall your memory from 2003, the SARS crisis started from Asia to Canada; Hurricane Katrina caused devastating losses in US in 2005. Perhaps more are about to come; avian flu, more frequent forest fires and tornadoes…etc. All these incidents are somehow related to the global warming. Today, almost every person on this planet experiences it and some of us even suffering from it; further postpone solving this environmental problem will make the situation even worse and more costly.


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The Company

Harmony Technology Co. is a Hong Kong based company, we take environmental protection as a mission, fighting global warming is one of them.


We wish our works could make the world a little bit better; but your actions are more important. We are expanding our efforts from design and build of wastewater treatment systems to air pollution control equipment. Our very next product is an industrial scale Photocatalystic Oxidizer (PCO) which can be used for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) destruction in ambient temperature. We also hope that our innovative products can help fighting against the pollutions.

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